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  • Definition

    Rollers and needles are small cylinders of metal, usually made of bearing steel.
    When the length is more than twice the diameter, the term used is needle and when the length is less, the term is roller.

  • Why to use it?

    When high sliding constraints or pivoting are necessary rollers and needles are preferable to balls. If the contact surface of a ball is limited to one point, that of a roller or a needle is a line thus supporting a heavier load.

  • Learn more

    These rollers and needles can be produced in different materials and their size can range between a diameter of 2.50 to 50.00mm for a length from 2.50 to 100.00mm.

  • Sectors of activity

    Rollers and needles are found in different sectors of activity – aviation, automotive, the food industry, logistics, printing where bearings are used.