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Essential and strategic elements

Balls are essential and strategic elements in the production of industrial components and the smooth functioning of numerous products, vehicles and consumables.
CIMAP has acquired experience and a reputation in supplying balls for all these applications since its foundation in 1958.

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3 particular sectors

The industrial applications of balls concern 3 particular sectors :
– Anti-friction fields : bearings, sliding, linear motion
– Blocking : valves, inlets
– Grinding and shaking : the action of gravity enabling the grinding of solids, or granules or the mixing of semi-liquids or liquids.

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Sectors concerned

The sectors concerned are therefore as varied as the automotive industry, wind energy, ball bearings, aerospace, industry, machine tools, cosmetics etc. The specifications and materials are adapted to the various applications and sectors.

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Expertise of CIMAP

The expertise of CIMAP is particularly important for our clients and future clients so that we can for them :
A. define and help them to achieve their projects
B. advise and possibly propose, at any time, changes in quality and/or material
C. provide quality service of the highest order

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